Lewis and White Textile Artists - Creating Carefully
Viv White
In my pictures I rarely use new fabrics. Not for me the  fabric rolls in John Lewis or Fabricland.  (Well only rarely!) My work incorporates the treasures of the charity shop, flea market and jumble sale. Not simply  because I love a bargain or wish to save the planet, but because I believe these fabrics bring with them aspects which enhance and enrich my work.
 A frayed edge, faded colour or worn surface can be read like a story  having subtleties of colour and areas of pattern or stitch which bring new and sometimes unexpected qualities to my work. Fragments of text communicate at many levels and along with other small found objects I can create new surfaces and patterns.  
Building on the traditions of women throughout history patching, darning and quilting to give new life to fabrics.
Using hand and machine  sewing  I layer fabrics, often  cutting  through to reveal exciting, and sometimes unexpected colour combinations.
Inspiration comes from all around me with current themes including birds and the Somerset levels
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