Lewis and White Textile Artists - Creating Carefully
Lizzy Lewis
I love to experiment and play and do not always follow the rules when it comes to technique! I am constantly asking “What if…?” I thrill at watching what happens as I try burning through a new fabric (I recommend flinging the doors and windows open if you wish to
try this!). My trusty old sewing machine is often subjected to stitching not only through fabric but also through metal, plastic and twigs.
 As a result I produce work that has exciting contrasts between texture, colour and surface.  
 The themes of my work are many and varied but normally centre on the written word-a song, a story or an article in the newspaper. Working with print techniques I often use fragments of the words in the work itself and at other times leave it up to the viewer to decipher meaning.
 My work varies between two and three-dimensional pieces and installation projects. I am currently working on a paper ‘quilt’ that will be made from different types of paper correspondence as an exploration into the lost art of letter writing in the digital age.
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